Custom Hand Painted Ketubahs

If custom art is what you are looking for, I work with you as a couple to make your visions into reality. 

I have always had a soft spot for love and relationships; it brings me so much joy to be able to create an art piece for you and your loved one.  A painted ketubah is more than a decorated marriage document, it is the first art piece together as a married couple, which has so much sentimental value to it.  There is no reason why this document should be folded up in a drawer.  It deserves to be hanging on the wall reminding you every day of the commitment you made to your significant other.  I believe that this reminder is like a wedding picture that reignites your love every day when seeing it.  Bringing home your painted ketubah is like taking home those forever moments at your wedding. 

Take home a piece of your wedding. Make Your moment last forever! ❤️❤️❤️