Custom Ketubot Testimonials

"We were so incredibly blown away by our ketubah art from Avigail.  Words cannot describe the feeling when we saw the finished product. We HIGHLY recommend Avigail and her services, for you and your partner!"

                                                                                                             -Mia & Yechezkel,  Tzfat, Israel

"We worked with Avigail on the design of our ketubah and it was a fantastic experience! I shared a mockup of what I was envisioning and she brought it to life. She used the custom text that we were looking for as well as design to make a beautiful, unique composition just for us. Two years later we are still so happy to have this piece of art and symbol of our love and relationship in our home."

                                                                                                                 -Adam & Denise, Michigan

"Working with Avigail Sapir was such an amazing experience.  Not only was she extremely professional, but she surpassed all the expectations we had on the design process. It was so easy! We first discussed our ideas with her and bounced off each other a bit, then we ultimately let her take the reigns.  Our Ketubah is like nothing we have ever seen before!  The art is so intricate and well thought out.  It is so gorgeous and so special. We can really feel how much love and care went into creating it.  We got it framed right away and we are in love with it!  Avigail is highly recommended, especially if you want something that is extremely special and one of a kind!"


                                                                                                            -Shelby & Eli Scheller, Jerusalem Israel

"Choosing Avigail to create our ketubah was a no brainer!  Avigail included us throughout the entire process.  She listened to our ideas, noted our styles and was able to create a beautiful ketubah that we are excited to display on our wall forever"


                                                                                               -Tamar & Nate Friedman,  New Jersey 

"Avigail is truly an inspiring artist! Her ketubah work is so beautifully detailed.  She puts in the time to create the vision you desire with your spouse.  After skyping a few times with Avigail, we came up with an idea that expressed the beauty of our wedding day, the relationship & connection with my husband, our love for nature, spirituality, and Judaism.  She really took an idea and created a masterpiece!  Our Ketubah is vibrant, and the colors and details are more than my imagination could take me.  She is so talented!  You can really see the care she has to create a masterpiece for someone else!  We love our ketubah so much! Thank you, Avigail!


                                                                                                                  -Natalya & Derek, New York 

"We had the real privilege of Avigail Sapir's custom Ketubah artwork for our wedding ketubah. Avigail was fun to work with and was more than willing to spend lots of time discussing what we imagined our ketubah to look like.  We gave her some input and went with a "trust the artist approach" because we love her style and thus knew she would create something we love.  We could not be happier with the results!  We were able to use our own text from our Rabbi, which she had formatted to fit perfectly into our unique and custom-designed ketubah.  We have since purchased other pieces of Avigail's quality and unique artwork.  Thank you, Avigail Sapir, for this beautiful Ketubah we can now enjoy for a lifetime!"


                                                                                            -Avromi & Sarah Russell, Jerusalem, Israel

"Working with Avigail was a pleasure in ALL regards. She first helped us map out and concretize our ketubah dreams, and spent countless hours reviewing, tweaking, patiently and lovingly bringing it all to life in a more beautiful and magical manifestation of our vision than we could have imagined.  Thank you, Avigail for your creativity, your talent, your patience, your time and effort that has created a masterpiece out of the most important document in our home" 


                                                                                                           -Rut Bracha & Shlomo, Tzfat, Israel