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"Inspiration is the fuel to make positive changes. I want my art to inspire others to search deeper and connect to that place within.  Having art hanging in the home is so important for our wellbeing and personal growth."

Avigail Sapir Portrait

Hi, I'm Avigail

It's actually Avigail Yaffa, but my friends call me Abby. I'm an artist with a unique style that combines visionary, abstract, and mystical elements from Judaism. I work with watercolor, acrylic, and water-based pens to capture hidden sources of light that go beyond what the eye can see. I create art as a sacred practice that guides me to explore my inner world and connect deeply with the divine flow.

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Custom Wedding Ketubahs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a custom ketubah?

A ketubah is a marriage document used during a Jewish marriage. The hatan (groom) traditionally gives it to the kalah (bride) under the chuppah (marriage canopy).

It outlines the main responsibilities that the spouse has for the other; mainly clothing, food and intimacy. Contemporarily, it serves as a declaration of vows for one another.

The first known example of using art to beautify a ketubah dates back to the 1600's. Today, many couples choose to have their ketubah as the first meaningful art piece in their home, a reminder of the eternal moment of love.

I'm getting married how do I order ketubah art?

1.  First sing and dance, you’re getting married!

2.  Purchase your Ketubah design. If you want a print you can look here, I also offer custom ketubah comissions here.

3.  Fill out this form  after you purchase your ketubah so I can personalize your text or email me your custom text,

Email me with ANY questions. I am 100%  here to make this process smooth and easy for you! I strongly suggest including your Rabbi/ Officiant in the process of choosing the right text for your special day. In my experience, each Rabbi/Officiant has different preferences for the text, so it is important to include him/her in the process.  

4.  I will email you the final formatted text and then both you and your Rabbi/officiant will confirm the text before I go ahead and print it. Once the text is confirmed, I am not liable for any mistakes in the confirmed text, so please look over it thoroughly.  

**  To view the different texts we offer, click this link  **

For a non-orthodox wedding: You can also write your own vows or send me a custom text!

How do I know if I should get canvas or paper? 

Both canvas and paper have their own unique feel, and they both look incredible. If you are having trouble choosing, go with archival paper. 

Think about how you want the end product to hang:

Paper prints are meant to be framed and well protected by easy to clean glass.

Canvas prints can either be framed or stretched on wood by your local framer. A stretched canvas will hang on your wall as an original painting would.

Do you have a quality guarantee?

Yes! I take great pride in the quality of my paintings. I stand behind my paintings and I guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase. If your painting arrives in less than acceptable condition I will replace it at no additional cost.

I want you to love your painting as much as I do. That's why I offer this guarantee. I know that you'll be happy with your purchase.

What is a Ketubah Artist?

A ketubah artist is someone who crafts artistic designs for ketubahs, which are Jewish marriage contracts. These documents outline the rights and responsibilities of the bride and groom in their marriage, according to Jewish law and tradition. Typically, ketubahs are signed by the couple and two witnesses before or during the wedding ceremony, and they often become a cherished symbol of their love and commitment.

Ketubah artists employ various techniques and styles to create beautiful and meaningful ketubahs, including papercutting, painting, calligraphy, collage, or digital art. Some artists even offer custom-made ketubahs, collaborating with the couple to design something unique that reflects their personalities, preferences, and values.