Courses and Mentorship

I am a visionary and abstract artist. I teach workshops to help woman connect to their creative world, and open the blocked channels. Meditation and body movement are part of the workshops to invite us into a meditative space. I show how to release deep emotions, express freely, and guide the execution of one's personal creative vision.

Hearing from you makes my day! Reach out to me with any thoughts, questions, and nuggets of inspiration. I thrive on human connection and I would love to connect with you on a deeper level.

  • Creative Channel Painting Workshop

    Do you want to learn how to use painting to feel open and fluid? 

    Do you want to learn to clear layers of resistance in your creativity? 

    Do you want to learn how to let loose and express playfully?

    If you've answered yes to any of these or you just want to enjoy some time with friends this is for you.

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  • Private Art Lessons - 1 on 1 Mentorship

    Discover the world of art through private one-on-one lessons, tailored just for you. Whether you prefer virtual or in-person sessions, I am here to provide personalized guidance and help you unleash your creativity. Let's embark on this artistic journey together and bring your visions to life.

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  • Book Me For Your Event

    Unleash creativity and ignite inspiration at your private event!
    Book Avigail Sapir, visionary artist from Israel, for engaging creative workshops or motivational speeches. Perfect for bat mitzvahs, business networking, community building events, family reunions, and more. Don't miss out on this transformative experience!

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