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"Compassion" - Hug Your Inner Child

"Compassion" - Hug Your Inner Child

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This inspirational series began as a way to share the story of my spiritual journey, piece by piece.

In this piece, I sought to convey the emotion of compassion and forgiveness. 
Why is Compassion so necessary to our well being? 

Having compassion allows us to connect with ourselves and others on a deeper level because it adds an element of love and kindness.

Gabby Bernstein says,  "We have to wake up each day and say, 'How can I see this through the lens of love?'” 

Loving and forgiving ourselves is a great place to start. If we can have compassion for ourselves, then it is much easier to have it for others. We need both!! 

We must forgive our flaws and mistakes. Nobody is perfect!  We must hug our inner child and respect the efforts that we made.  We most likely did the best we could, and we can grow and learn how to better ourselves from every situation. 

It is not our job to judge everything that we encounter, that is not why we were put on earth. We are here to connect back to the source and to connect with each other on a soul level. 

Let’s take all our judgments and throw them out the window and we can allow this to fuel the change we want to see in the world. Usually, when we judge others, it is a mirror into what we subconsciously do not like about ourselves.  If we find ourselves judging others, use this as a tool to look into the mirror through the lens of love!

May you always have compassion for yourself and toward others. May you always find the time to hug your inner child and to be quick to forgive and love what is.

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I paint to bring more light and inspiration into your life.  Each piece is made fully with my heart and soul and carefully packaged for maximum protection.

This artwork is professionally printed on your choice of museum-quality, acid-free archival paper or canvas. These prints look amazing and their rich and radiant colors are made to last over 100 years without fading when kept out of direct sunlight. 

Expect to feel fresh vibrant energy enter your home when you receive your beautiful art! 

It makes my day to hear from you, so please reach out with any questions. 

Thank you for visiting my shop!

With Love,

  • 1.How do I know if I should get canvas or paper? 

    Both canvas and paper have their own unique feel, and they both look incredible. If you are having trouble choosing, go with archival paper. 


    Think about how you want the end product to hang:

    Paper prints are meant to be framed and well protected by easy to clean glass.

    Canvas prints can either be framed or stretched on wood by your local framer. A stretched canvas will hang on your wall as an original painting would.

  • 2. Does the print come framed?

    Your print does not come framed. It comes rolled up in a tube for maximum protection.

    You can take both paper and canvas to your local framer or order a custom frame online. 

    The size listed is the size of the actual image of art not including the border. Each print comes with an approximately 5 cm border on each side to allow for easy matting, framing, and stretching.

    Keep this in mind when buying a frame. For this reason, I highly recommend buying a frame after you receive your print.

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    Express International Shipping. I offer a shipping upgrade at checkout for 70nis ($20). This usually takes 1 week or less to arrive after shipping.

  • Quality Guarantee

    I take great pride in the quality of my paintings. I stand behind my paintings and I guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase. If your painting arrives in less than acceptable condition I will replace it at no additional cost.

    I want you to love your painting as much as I do. That's why I offer this guarantee. I know that you'll be happy with your purchase.