9 Female Visionary Artists That Will Expand Your mind

9 Female Visionary Artists That Will Expand Your mind

Psychedelic and visionary art is a genre of art that explores altered states of consciousness, mystical experiences, and the nature of reality. It often uses vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and surreal imagery to express the artist’s vision and imagination. In this blog post, we will introduce nine female psychedelic and visionary artists who have created stunning and inspiring works of art.


Hanna Alisa Omer

1. Hana Alisa Omer 

is a painter and yoga instructor who was born in Slovakia, lived in Israel for 45 years, and now resides in Prague. She paints in the techniques and materials of the old masters, creating whimsical and playful scenes that combine fragments of Renaissance and Baroque religious paintings. She explores themes of creation, spirituality, and the feminine in her work. 



2. Ciou 

is a French pop-surrealist painter and illustrator who creates dark and cute characters in a colorful and twisted world. She mixes influences from old engravings, tattoo, art nouveau, and Japanese culture. She uses acrylic, ink, and collage to create her unique style. She has exhibited her work in many galleries and festivals around the world. 


 Carrie Ann Baade

3. Carrie Ann Baade 

is an American painter whose work is irrevocably linked to the contemporary surreal movement. She quotes from, interacts with, and deeply relates to art history. Baade paints in dialogue with relevant masterpieces in order to reclaim them in a surreal narrative that is simultaneously biographical. She uses oil paints and the Mischtechnik technique to create her lush and complex paintings.


 Yayoi Kusama

4. Yayoi Kusama 

is a Japanese contemporary artist who works in various media, such as sculpture, installation, painting, performance, and fashion. She is known for her extensive use of polka dots and for her Infinity Mirrored Rooms. She employs painting, sculpture, performance art, and installations in a variety of styles, including Pop art and Minimalism. 


 Olivia Curry

5. Olivia Curry 

is a pro boxer and an actress who also creates psychedelic and visionary art. She uses acrylics, oils, and digital tools to create colorful and expressive paintings that reflect her passion for sports, music, and spirituality. She often incorporates elements of nature, geometry, and symbolism in her work. 


 Hannah Yatta

6. Hannah Yata 

is an American painter whose work is unbelievably complex and surreal, forming a mythological narrative with enough depth to be thousands of years old. Although influenced by much older concepts and beliefs, Yata’s works feel refreshing and new; uniquely her own. She uses bold and dynamic color as an expression of her playful personality and excitement for the beauty she sees through her eyes. She has been featured in various art exhibitions and publications. 


 Amanda Sage

7. Amanda Sage 

is an American painter who uses painting as a tool for transformation within the individual and collective. She paints with the techniques and materials of the old masters, creating psychedelic wonderlands that are whimsical and playful at first but at second glance they burst with resonance and symbolism. She carries a strong message of taking action towards respecting a thriving planet and the resulting reality we can create when we choose to be aware of our symbiotic relationship with nature. 


 Jessica Perlstein

8. Jessica Perlstein 

is a visionary artist based out of San Francisco, CA. Her biggest inspirations involve music, travel, and observing and working closely with nature. These have all led her towards her artistic path that she is on today, and to the thriving underground electronic music and dance culture in the Bay Area. She uses bold and vibrant color and the love for intricate beauty to define her style. She expresses herself in both traditional and digital mediums, often combining the two.


 Avigail Sapir

9. Avigail Sapir 

is a visionary artist who combines visionary, abstract, and mystical elements from Judaism. She works with watercolor, acrylic, and water-based pens and crayons to capture hidden sources of light that go beyond what the eye can see. She creates art as a sacred practice that guides her to explore her inner world and connect deeply with the divine flow. 


These are just some of the amazing female psychedelic and visionary artists who have expanded our minds with their creative and expressive works. They have shown us different perspectives, realities, and possibilities through their art. They have also inspired us to explore our own inner visions and to express them in our own unique ways. 

We hope you enjoyed this blog post and learned something new about these talented and visionary women. If you want to see more of their art, you can check out their websites or social media accounts by clicking on the links provided in the text.

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