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Collection: Mystic Art

Mystic art is a type of art that is inspired by or related to mysticism, which is the pursuit of or belief in a direct connection with the divine, the ultimate reality, or the hidden truths of existence.

Mystic art can also express different themes and symbols, such as astrology, tarot, runes, magic, occultism, spirituality, or mythology. Mystic art can be a way of exploring one’s inner self, expressing one’s faith or vision, or creating a sense of wonder and mystery.

Something special about Avigail Sapir’s mystic art is that she combines her Jewish heritage, her artistic talent, and her spiritual vision in a unique and expressive way. She uses watercolor paints to create colorful and detailed paintings that reflect her personal experiences, emotions, and beliefs. She also incorporates Hebrew words and phrases into some of her artworks, such as blessings, prayers, or quotes from the Torah.