Soul Journey Painting Experience:

Unleash Your Inner Artist

Avigail painting in her home studio

Embark on a transformative three-week journey that guides you to
express you deepest truths through the vibrant language of paint.

This experience is more than just a painting class; it's an invitation to travel deep within, expressing the colorful landscape of your soul.

Over the course of three weeks, you will create a single masterpiece that is
uniquely you.

This is tailored for the woman ready to explore the boundless creativity within, seeking to harmonize her emotional landscape and spiritual practice through the art of painting.

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Ideal For The Woman Who:

• Recognizes her innate creativity but feels barriers in self expression.
• Desires to honor and channel her emotions.
• Is eager to refine her painting skills.
• Seeks guidance for self-exploration and introspection.
• Desires to open her infinite wellspring of wisdom and creative power.


• Gain lifelong skills to deepen self-relationship through expression.
• Unlock the endless stream of creativity that flows within you.
• Break through blockages and get into a flow state.
• Forge a profound connection with the deepness of your soul.
• Acquire techniques to paint depth, emotion and mystical light.
• Gain confidence as an artist, transforming how you show up on and off the canvas.

In Each Session:

• Guided meditations to connect with your higher self.
• Journaling prompts to spark your creativity and reflection.
• Painting guidance to translate your inner journey onto canvas.

What You’ll Need:

• A list of required supplies will be provided upon registration.

Energy Exchange:

The classes will meet for 3 consecutive weeks over Zoom.

  • Join a Zoom Group Class (up to 6 people): $230 for 3 session bundle

Ready to paint the colorful story of your soul?

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Who is Avigail?

Avigail graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago and has more than 20 years of painting experience. Through her own journey, she has learned to clear blockages and break free of resistance in her painting practice and she wants to share these skills with you!

My Story
Avigail Sapir, Ketubah Artist, sitting and looking out into the mountains

What Its About

Avigail’s painting workshops are all about the creative process of releasing emotion and creating a soul-body connection through painting.

When there is resistance, there are blockages and you will be exploring ways to surrender and deepen our connection to ourselves spiritually.

She will be teaching you some of her own personal methods and techniques that she uses to re-align her energy and to keep her creative juices flowing, including guided meditation and body movements.

Reach out if your interested to learning more