The Moon of Tammuz, Spiritual Kabbalah teachings on the energy of the month

The Moon of Tammuz, Spiritual Kabbalah teachings on the energy of the month

Every Hebrew month has a unique energy that reflects the inherent Divine intention of the time, allowing us specific guidance, healing, and growth as we cycle through the year. 


We are amid Tammuz which is known to be an intense and difficult period. The heat we experience this month is not just physical, but it is also emotional and spiritual. As many destructive events have occurred this month throughout the history of our Jewish people, we feel the brokenness that no other month can truly hold. 

Every month has a specific permutation of God's name. The divine permutation of Tammuz is HVHY, it is reversed from the original way we call to our creator. What we held as truth before may have completely flipped on us.

The Hebrew letter of the month is ח (chet). ח is made up of the ו(vav) and the ז (zayin), which interestingly enough are the letters of the 2 previous months Iyar (vav) and Sivan (zayin). There is a small line that connects these 2 laters called the Chatoret, which means bridge. All the work that we did in Iyar and Sivan has prepared us to go through the challenges of Tammuz. Tammuz also acts as a gateway into the next portion of the yearly cycle.

Coming off from the revelation of divinity and receiving the Torah at Sinai last month, we are back to the realization that we are still very much in the desert. 

Last month in Sivan, everything was given to us without any effort at all. We were in a total Malchut state of receiving, and now suddenly our emotional world is completely activated. It is important to feel our feelings at this time. Do not push them away. 


Surrender by Avigail Sapir



The astrological sign of Tammuz is Cancer, symbolized by the crab. Cancer is a water sign. Our emotions and desires are associated with the element of water. It’s very important to ride this roller coaster of ups ad downs by allowing these emotions to flow through us freely. 


It is a good time to meditate daily (well it's always a good time to meditate) and remind our nervous system that it is safe and okay to feel the emotions that bubble up through these waters. Feel where these emotions hide inside the physical body and breathe into the discomfort. 

The only way we can release is if we first allow ourselves to feel it.


Imagine a golden light reaching through the crown of your head and washing through the body, bringing light and healing to these emotional parts of you. 


Not only is God's light more concealed in Tammuz, but we are also being judged for the whole year. It’s as though our karma for the whole year is all plopped down on us this month. We are tested by many hardships, and the 3 weeks ( the 17th of Tammuz) marks the beginning of this auspicious time of the year. 


Through our challenges, we are forced to search inward for strength and use our personal tools to stay focused on our spiritual path.  We may think that these hardships are punishment, but in reality, these are blessings in disguise. 


Every significant challenge that happens to us gives us a tremendous opportunity for healing, growth, and positive change. 


Six long months ago, we were mesmerized by the flickering flames of the Chanukah candles.  Giving us hope and seeing the light. Now in Tammuz, we are doing a deep cleansing of our tears as this month symbolizes the rectification of the eyes. 


The Hebrew tribe of the month is the tribe of ראובן-Reuven. The word Reuven stems from the word ראה (re’eh) which means to see. Reuven, son of Leah was born out of deception, for Yaakov believed that he was with Rachel. Through this act of deceit, we learn that Reuven symbolized a higher vision that God had. What appears to be is not always what is in actuality.   An important lesson this month. 


The way we see the world has a great effect on the way we live our lives. We were blessed to receive Shechina in its pure essence last month, but now we are allowed to see things from a new perspective. 


To improve the clarity of our vision, we must be willing to see things as they are, rather than what want them to be.


In such a way of seeing, we can appreciate what is given to us, both “good” and “bad” and realize the truth and essence of who we are. If we can find it in our hearts to recognize and appreciate all that is, then we have truly surrendered and are doing deep clearing work this month. 


The journey begins by avigail sapir

"The Journey Begins"

The yearly cycle is broken up into four seasons. Tammuz is the beginning of a new phase grouped with Av and Elul. It is always the darkest before the light, and Tammuz is that dark moment we must go through to shed, cleanse and awaken the inner light within us. Often in the hard times, we are shocked back into ourselves and reminded of what's beneath the surface. We are stepping into the awareness of the negative traits we want to work on, and awareness is the first step toward transformation and returning to oneself.


The Torah portions of this month are perfectly aligned with the underlying essence. The month marks the sending of spies to scout out the land of Israel.  The spies went to see if the land was “good for us”.  Unfortunately, the spies set out with a doubtful outlook, and returned with a morbid report, invoking fear and hate in the people. Another Torah portion tells the story of when Balak tried to curse the Jewish people but instead blessed them, another allusion to a month of reversed energy. 


Other Torah portions during this month was the rebellion of Korach, the death of Miriam and Aharon, and Moshe hitting the rock instead of talking to it. 

As for me, this month I am focusing on rewiring old habits into new habits, expanding my heart center, and strengthening my inner temple to enable the divine presence (shechinah) to dwell within me.


It's hard doing all this inner work, but I know why we are here on Earth, to find the fallen sparks and restore them to the source of our creator. 


It's not a good time of the year to start new projects, so I'm really rooting for myself to finish existing projects that I started years ago. 


Last but not least, I want to leave you with this meditation practice:  

It only takes a few moments. 

Get into a comfortable position and close your eyes. 

Breathe deeply and notice the air coming into your nostrils and expanding your lungs and belly. Tell your nervous system that you are safe, and it's okay to relax and feel your emotions. 

When you are in a relaxed state, Imagine the tip of your crown opening, and a golden light washing through your whole body. 

Remind yourself that you are safe and protected. 

Start envisioning what your inner temple looks like and feels like. 

What colors, shapes, and patterns do you see? What feelings do you feel? 

Remember this is YOUR temple. 

You can imagine a flickering flame in your temple to hold you close. Stay in this vision as long as you like.


The more we strengthen, the more we can see and feel what has been concealed. 


Do this short meditation daily and see where it takes you. 

 (All of these teachings are sourced in ancient kabbalah wisdom of the oral Torah. I study specifically from the book Kabbalah Month by Month by Melinda Rabner) 


I hope these energies guide you to focus on what truly matters and to find a lot of healing within it. 


Love and Blessings,  


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